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Well, that's not strictly true...

You don't exactly have to have seen Brotherhood, you can understand it if you've read the manga as well. I got it.

Long pants. The longest pants.

Okay, so what happened to the guy in the real world? THIS IS A VALID QUESTION. And dude, pants. PANTS. Nobody wants to see that. NOBODY. But it's fine. That's pretty much what everybody figures is going on in Super Mario Bros anyway. But next time, dude, PANTS. Underwear, anything so long as we don't have to see that thing dangling in the breeze.

Pretty good

Though... the fight scene seemed a bit... abrupt. I mean, yeah, Bowser's always trying to kidnap Peach and Mario usually ends up fighting him... I dunno, maybe I'm too used to the Mario RPG games where Bowser enters the castle, the toads and Luigi panic and hide as he comes up and then makes his big speech about how he's going to kidnap the princess, and THEN Mario beats the crap out of him. And the hand drawn arrows in the stage select thing weren't too great either, would have been better if you'd used vector arrows... but I'm being too picky, this is a decent flash.

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I was pleasantly surprised

I really didn't think I was going to like this, even though I am a fan of 8-bit and My Little Pony, but I was wrong. Well done.

Fun times.

Though I never really figured out most of the special moves. The only one I could figure out was the one that had the same input combo as the Hadoken from street fighter, and I only know that from Mega Man X...
I don't really play fighting games...


Didn't actually try to break the game... was careful not to let the bodies pile on top of me... hell, I even managed to keep myself on the bodies until I discovered it didn't really matter... at which point I'd already acquired the Dualies and anything beyond that... well... I was kind of hoping I'd reach the moon or something, but then I noticed that the sky wasn't moving, so I stopped playing... got really dull and repetative after I got the dual pistols.

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It really isn't great, since the noise channel doesn't form a coherent percussion instrument like it should. The notes I can make out seem accurate, though it sounds like you didn't use the triangle wave, and that would have worked quite well as the bass.

Off-key in places.

It's a good concept, but the fact that it goes off key in some places really bugs me. Also, the intro part is kind of plain.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Very true, as I said this is a very old remix I made 3 years ago, so I wasn´t that experienced in music producing and I swear I would have fixed everything if I still had the project file...

But anyways... thanks for commenting.

The song originated in Mega Man X2 actually...

A bit simplistic, but accurate. You should probably look into the SNES version of the song.


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